Renfrewshire Fair Trade Group

Renfrewshire Fair Trade Group returns

After a few years break due to the covid pandemic, the Renfrewshire Fair Trade Group is back! Our next meeting is on Tuesday 31st October at 2pm at True Origin’s offices in Wallneuk, Paisley. Whilst this is probably short notice for many people, we’re just want letting you know that we have restarted and want to get back to promoting and supporting fair trade in Renfrewshire.

In the past, the FT group has been strongly led by Renfrewshire Council. Due to their cuts in expenditure, they are no longer to take on this role on any more, though they will still maintain an active interest. We would like the new group to be more participatory, with groups from the Renfrewshire villages and towns taking a more active role. In addition, we’d love for schools, churches and businesses to be involved as well.

Whilst we’re still to determine how we will operate, and what our priorities will be, we will be concentrating on building up the group and targeting certain events next year (2024), like fair trade fortnight (now moved to September).

If you would like to be involved in some way, or your fair trade group would like to be supported by the Renfrewshire group, please drop us an email and let us know.

We look forward to meeting you at sometime in the future.