Faith Groups

On this page you’ll find information on the services we can offer your group – such as Tuck Shops and sales. If you’d like to learn more about the talks and workshops or other education related aspects of the work we do, visit our Education pages.

We work hard to make it easy for your faith group to become Fair Trade.

Your faith group can support Renfrewshire’s status as a Fairtrade Zone
Fair Trade is committed to improving the lives of millions of people who live in poverty in developing countries. Renfrewshire council, organisations and volunteers worked hard together to achieve a Fairtrade Zone status for Renfrewshire, awarded in 2009.  More recently a much larger campaign helped the Scottish Fair Trade Forum achieve Fair Trade Nation status in 2013.

We need your support to work together as a community to make this happen. By promoting Fair Trade you will be contributing to the campaign and being in solidarity with people in developing countries.

We can come to your place of worship to give a talk to the congregation or to other groups such as a Guild group etc.

Serve great coffee
A UK wide initiative has just been introduced by Traidcraft to help schools, places of worship and other organisations serve great coffee and promote Fair Trade at the same time.  Rainbow Turtle are encouraging local faith groups to lead the way in Scotland to join the 90 plus UK organisations already participating. Here’s how it works:

  • Rainbow Turtle loan your faith group a coffee percolator for free, to use over an agreed trial period – you just purchase the coffee from us.
  • If the trial run is a success, you can purchase a percolator for £132 from Traidcraft. You can also set up a coffee account with Traidcraft to receive 20% off Fair Trade coffee for the first year.
  • Alternatively you can hire a percolator from us for one off events and we can supply the coffee. Contact us at the shop for more information. The best news is it only costs between 5-10p per cup! So you can make back the cost of the percolator in no time whilst also raising much needed funds for your place of worship.

Clerical wear/items
Through our shop, we sell a range of clerical stoles, clerical shirts and paper crosses, all handmade using Fair Trade principles. We saw the possibility of developing projects and bringing colour to the lives of British clergy by importing these products. We are committed to working in partnership with producers from the developing world providing much needed employment and their products can be worn knowing that it has brought hope and dignity to the community that made them.

If you’d like to find out more about our clerical wear, please contact us.

Rice Challenge
This is an initiative whereby if 90 kg of rice is sold it would give the farmer sufficient income to send a child to High School for a year. This is something that the whole congregation can be involved in and get behind! 90 kg is the challenge but smaller quantities can be taken if you feel that 90 kg would be too big a risk. Again the rice would be bought on account on a 30 day payment policy.

You can find more resources and information that may be of use to you and your faith group in our Education pages.